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Founded in 1998, Fanhua Inc. (formerly known as “CNinsure Inc.”) is a leading independent financial services provider. Through online platforms and offline sales and service network, Fanhua offers a wide variety of life and property and casualty insurance products and provides insurance claims adjusting services. 

As of December 31, 2018, we had 27 agency subsidiaries and branches at the provincial level, and three insurance claims companies. Fanhua's team includes over 807,858 registered sales agents and 1,246 claims adjustors. The company's sales and services network is spread across 31 provinces in China with 682 sales outlets and 115 service outlets, including most economically developed regions and cities.

Fanhua operates digital applications and online platforms, including 1) Lan Zhanggui - an internet-based all-in-one application which integrates the company's existing online platforms and allows agents to access and purchase a wide variety of insurance products, including life insurance, auto insurance, accident insurance, travel insurance, and standard health insurance products from multiple insurance companies, through one integrated account on mobile devices; 2) ( ), an online entry portal for consumers to directly compare and purchase hundreds of health, accident, travel and homeowner insurance products underwritten by popular domestic and foreign insurance companies operating in China; 3) eHuzhu (, WeChat public account: ehuzhu), a non-profit online mutual aid platform in China. eHuzhu provides low-cost and effective alternative risk-protection programs on a mutual aid basis among program members; and 4) CNpad, a mobile transaction platform that enables agents to obtain quotes and process transaction services for multiple auto insurance policies through their mobile devices.

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