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HUYA Inc. (NYSE: HUYA), a subsidiary of YY (NASDAQ: YY), is the No.1 game live streaming platform in China. They have the largest and most active game live streaming community in terms of average MAUs, and average daily time spent on mobile app per mobile active user in the fourth quarter of 2016 and 2017. They also have the largest number of active broadcasters in 2016 and 2017, according to a report by Frost & Sullivan. As the pioneering market leader, they are well positioned to further expand into the rapidly growing game live streaming market in China. HUYA cooperates with e-sports event organizers, as well as major game developers and publishers. As a result, it has developed e-sports live streaming into one of the most popular content genres on its platform. Building on their success in game live streaming, HUYA has also extended their content to other entertainment genres, talent shows, anime and outdoor activities.

HUYA has created an engaged, interactive and immersive community for game enthusiasts, mainly consisting of China’s young generation. HUYA’s rich and high-quality game live streaming content, combined with the platform’s wide array of innovative and appealing social functions, such as bullet chatting, real-time commenting and gifting, form an appealing value proposition to users with a desire to connect and share content with others with similar interests. Such real-time interactions on the platform cultivate a strong sense of belonging, enabling a strong attraction to the platform, which effectively increases the user stickiness and time spent on HUYA.

HUYA’s open platform also functions as a marketplace for broadcasters and talent agencies to congregate and closely collaborate with the company. They have implemented operating standards and comprehensive incentive mechanisms to encourage healthy competition, good performance and regulatory compliance. The monetization opportunities for broadcasters and talent agencies are linked to their performance, which motivates them to produce high-quality content on the platform. 

Beyond the real-time nature of live streaming where each broadcaster improvises in each live streaming session, HUYA’s community interactions generate another form of content. The variety of real-time interactions between viewers and broadcasters or among viewers creates viewer-generated content, which in turn becomes part of the overall entertainment and social experience. Such content enhances the sense of involvement and makes it more fun to watch live streaming.

HUYA designed the platform for reliability, scalability and flexibility. Leveraging technological capabilities in the fields of big data and artificial intelligence, or AI, live streaming, and infrastructure, they strive to deliver a superior user experience and conduct operations in a efficient manner.

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