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LinkSure NetWork
Founded in 2013, LinkSure Network is a global innovative mobile internet company specializing in free internet access, content, and location-based services. Renowned for the groundbreaking internet service, WiFi Master Key, LinkSure Network has become one of the world's largest unicorn company. In 2017, LinkSure Network is listed by China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as one of the "China‘s Top 100 Internet Companies". At the beginning of 2015, LinkSure Network closed a record-breaking A round funding of USD 52 million at a billion-dollar valuation. In June 2015, LinkSure Network raised RMB 65 million (US$9.8 million) in equity crowdfunding with a total subscription amount of RMB 7.714 billion (US$1.2 billion). The subscription amount is oversubscribed by 237 times, setting the record for subscription amount, oversubscription amount, and amount raised in China’s crowdfunding history. LinkSure Network is a pioneer member of the National Network Security Industry Alliance administered by the Cyber Administration of China (CAC), and the only member of WAPI Industry Alliance to be from the mobile Internet industry. About WiFi Master Key WiFi Master Key, LinkSure Network's flagship internet service, is the world’s first and largest peer-to-peer Wi-Fi sharing platform to enable free, reliable, and safe Internet access worldwide through the concept of sharing economy, and the adoption of cloud computing and big data technologies. Since its launch in September 2012, WiFi Master Key has maintained a rapid growth. As of June 2016, WiFi Master Key global users has exceeded 900 million, with over 520 million monthly active users. As of October 2016, WiFi Master Key users outside of China has exceeded over 100 million, with over 20 million daily active users across 223 countries and regions. WiFi Master Key, alongside DiDi, Uber, and Airbnb, is listed as the representative model of "Sharing Economy” in the "China's Sharing Economic Development Report 2016” by Information Research Department of China State Information Center, and the Internet Society of China. Network security has always been the heart of WiFi Master Key's service foundation. To ensure a wholesome reliable user experience, WiFi Master Key has developed a WiFi Security Matrix that focuses on all-round connectivity safety before, during, and after, every connection.


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