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One Space
One Space
One Space is one of the leading private commercial space company from China, which aims to provide launch service to small and micro satellites and other spacecraft with more competitive price.

There are three main business sectors of One Space: The M-series commercial launch vehicle provide high-frequency, cost-effective, and high-quality launch service to small and micro satellite customers; The X-series flight test platform provides customized solutions for scientific research and transportation; Electrical and propellant products provides support and customization services.

2015.8 - One Space Beijing was founded
2016.10 - Round A more than 100 million RMB
2017.2 - One Space Chongqing Subsidiary was founded
2017.5 - Capital support from CQ municipal government
2017.12 - Success of static test of self-developed solid propellant rocket motor.
2018.1 - Round A+ more than 200 million RMB
2018.1 - Success of test of liquid attitude control motor
2018.5 - Maiden Launch of OS-X rocket
2018.7 - M series first-stage main rocket motor has been tested successfully.
2018.8 -One Space secures 300 million RMB in series B funding

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