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The 4th Paradigm is positioned as an AI technology and service provider and dedicated to empowering its clients and partners with its core product the 4th Paradigm Prophet to create excellent user experience and stronger capacities to generate revenues. Company’s vision is AI For Everyone which aims to make values of AI accessible to everyone. The 4th Paradigm takes its independently developed core product 4Paradigm Prophet as the approach to make AI For Everyone a reality. The 4th Paradigm Prophet allows enterprises to create AI applications based on business needs, thus equipping enterprises with massive affordable AI applications quickly and empowering them with AI capacities. The 4th Paradigm Prophet significantly promotes applications of AI into varied industries. The 4th Paradigm has applied AI into finance, healthcare, energy and Internet areas. Its clients in financial area include the state-owned banks, national joint-stock commercial banks, city commercial banks and large insurance agencies, which account for 40% of China’s total financial assets. The in-depth cooperation with banks has attracted attention from the state-owned banks. Therefore,Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China and China Construction Bank have invested in the 4th Paradigm, making it the first AI company that has won the massive investments from state-owned banks. The 4th Paradigm was the first enterprise winner of the Wu Wenjun AI Science and Technology Award, the highest domestic award in the AI field. It was also nominated as the Gartner 2017 Cool Vendor, the only AI company dedicated to the general AI platforms from China.In January 2018, AI For Everyone ranked the first technology in the Global Top 10 Breakthrough Technologies List released by MIT and the 4th Paradigm was listed as the representative company.


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