pandata logo - Pandata is an artificial intelligence startup that specializes in level 4 autonomous driving technologies. It was founded by three engineers who had previously led autonomous driving technologies at Google, Tesla, Apple, Nvidia, and Baidu USA. The company focuses on providing efficient autonomous driving solutions to future advanced transportation system using unique and robust multi-sensor fusion framework. We devote ourselves in creating an intelligent autonomous driving system for safer and more enjoyable travel experience. Key Technologies: has developed two key technologies, HeteroSync and DeepFusion. Integrating with multiple sensors including LiDARs, cameras, radars, GPS, IMU and so on, HeteroSync provides highly accurate time and spatial synchronization, real-time update and robust features extracted from the fused high-dimensional raw data. Taking the advantages of fused high-dimensional sensor data, DeepFusion produces a truly robust, efficient and safe autonomous driving solution. Applications: On the one hand, focuses on providing fully autonomous robotaxi services and level 2/3 autonomous design solutions for automotive partners. On the other hand, we provides technical consultation and design solutions for specific applications and requirements from clients. lLevel 4 robotaxi services Provides fully autonomous robotaxi services for an intelligent, efficient and safe mobility experience. lLevel 2 / 3 autonomous driving solutions Provides an level 2/3 cost-effective design solution to help automotive partners add technology values and achieve safer driving experience. lTechnical consultation for specific problems Develops customized solutions in different problems, such as cargo transportation and low-speed autonomous applications.

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