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Founded in 2015, WM Motor Technology Group (WM Motor), with its name taken from Weltmeister which is a German word meaning world champion, is a provider of emerging new energy vehicles and mobility solutions in China. WM Motor is committed to becoming a popularizer of intelligent electric vehicles and determined to grow into a service provider for the new ecology of intelligent mobility with the development of intelligent hardware efficiently driven by data.

As of Sep. 2018, WM Motor has had a team size of more than 2,500 people. Adhering to the core values of openness, energy gathering, internal drive and respect,it has built a diversified talent structure and attracted whole-industry-chain talents from all over the world. They are distributed in our R&D Center in Saar, Germany, AI Research Institute in Silicon Valley, HD and Intelligent Network R&D Center in Shanghai, Regional HD in Beijing, Global R&D HQ in Chengdu, and Intelligent Industry Park in Wenzhou.

As the first car under the new Weltmeister brand of WM Motor, EX5 is positioned at the interactive pure electric SUV, and has equipped several innovative functions and features. EX5 adopts conscious interactive aesthetic in the design. The mileage under NEDC conditions can be divided into three different versions of 300km, 400km and 460km, which can meet different needs of users.

In the meantime, Weltmeister has also constructed a user-centered new retail channel network, created a new 4S (Space, Store, Station and Spot) mode, and established a contractual relationship with 40 partners of intelligent mobility in total, covering 18 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

WM Motor has started deploying intelligent mobility with launching its intelligent mobility brand, GETnGO. It will expand the mobility service around China upon new energy vehicles and bring users all-round intelligent mobility experience of "Get & Go"​.

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