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Xiaomi is a consumer electronics company founded in 2010 by serial entrepreneur Lei Jun. Based in Beijing, Xiaomi's products span across multiple fields including smartphones, mobile apps, laptops, IoT, various home appliances and more. Xiaomi's primarily focused on East Asian markets and have employees across China, India, Malaysia, and Singapore. It is also expanding to other countries including Indonesia, the Philippines, and South Africa. In 2010 - Xiaomi Founded by Lei Jun and Co-founders Xiaomi was founded in 2010, with the shared the belief that innovative, high quality, well designed technology products and services should be accessible to the world's population. In 2012 - Xiaomi annual sales exceeded $1 billion Two years following its inception, Xiaomi recorded annual sales of over $1 billion. In 2014 - Xiaomi becomes the #1 smartphone company in China According to IDC, three years after launching their first smartphone, Xiaomi led all smartphone companies in mainland China in terms of units shipped. In 2014 - Annual sales exceed $10 billion Four years since its inception, Xiaomi reached $10 billion in annual sales, the fastest pace in history according to iResearch. In 2015 - Mi UI MAUs reach 100 million The total number of MAUs using Xiaomi's user interface passes 100 million. In 2017 - Xiaomi becomes leader in IoT devices Xiaomi becomes the world's largest consumer IoT platform in terms of the number of connected devices, according to iResearch. In 2017 - Xiaomi becomes the #1 smartphone company in India Three and half years after entering the Indian market, Xiaomi became the most popular smartphone in terms of units shipped in Q4 2017, according to IDC.


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