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Dr. Daniel Kirchert of Byton
Dr. Daniel Kirchert of Byton
Daniel is one of the most experienced executives in China’s premium auto industry, with extensive experience in marketing, sales, branding, business development and operations. He is widely regarded in the industry as a "China hand". Before joining BYTON, Daniel was managing director of Infiniti China and president of Dongfeng Infiniti Motor Co., Ltd. Prior to his extensive work at Infiniti, Daniel was senior vice president of sales and marketing at BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. Through Daniel’s efforts at BMW Brilliance and Infiniti China, locally produced models for BMW and Infiniti hit record sales figures. He launched branding and marketing initiatives for each automaker that set industry benchmarks, including the brand gala in 2014 to unveil Infiniti’s "Gan Ai" slogan, and the sponsorship of famous reality show "Dad, where are you going", which led the trend of car brands cooperation with TV reality shows. Daniel is also an expert in product strategy, dealership network development and joint venture operations. Daniel is passionate about the Chinese culture and has been living in China for nearly two decades since he began studying Chinese at Nanjing University in 1998. He is a Chinese tea enthusiast and enjoys playing basketball. Daniel is married with two children.

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